The Society sponsors several awards during the year.  Use the links below to learn more about these awards and review previous recipients.  For further information on nominations, contact the SUSNFS Awards Committee Chair.

Richard E. Luehrs Operational Flight Surgeon of the Year
The Luehrs Award is the longest running award sponsored by the Society.  It was initiated in 1975 in honor of Captain Richard E. Luehrs, MC, USN.  Dr. Luehrs is somewhat of a legend in the naval aeromedical community.  His career spanned 32 years of exemplary service ending in his untimely death in 1974.  The Luehrs Award is given annually to recognize outstanding performance in operational aviation medicine practice by a first or second tour Naval Flight Surgeon of the rank of Lieutenant or Lieutenant Commander.  Selection is based on leadership qualities, dedication, initiative, resourcefulness and industry in carrying out their duties with the operational forces.

2006 LT Alexander B. Galifianankis 1990 CDR Joel Lees
2005 LCDR Sarah Arnold 1989 LCDR Daniel Carucci
2004 LT Michael W. Nielsen 1988 LCDR Charles Brady, Jr.
2003 LT Christopher H. Way 1987 LCDR David Brown
2002 LT Christopher B. Chisholm 1986 LCDR Ivan Peacock
2001 LT Sean Barbabella 1985 CDR Harold Howell
2000 LT Alfred Shwayhat 1984 LT Arthur Kelleher
1999 LT Sean Murphy 1983 LCDR Steven Hart
1998 LT Troy Anderson 1982 LT James Terbush
1997 LT William Todd III 1981 LT Jerry Rose
1996 LT William Baugh 1980 LT Thomas Daniel
1995 LT Barth Merrill 1979 LCDR Ed Ellenbeck
1994 LT Joseph Shaughnessy 1978 LCDR Bruce Johnson
1993 LT Kris Belland 1977 LT Willis Martin
1992 LT Gregory Polston 1976 LT Wayne Judson
1991 LCDR Glenn Merchant 1975 LCDR John Randolph

Ashton Graybiel Award
The Ashton Graybiel Award was initiated in 1991 in honor of Captain Ashton Graybiel, MC, USN, who pioneered aviation medicine research.  Dr. Graybiel served as Director of Naval Research for the Naval School of Aviation Medicine and Research.  He provided consultation for many experiments undertaken by the school and was an acknowledged expert in the field of cardiovascular medicine.  His work included the development of electrocardiographic techniques, experimentation with flight disorientation, studies on the physiological effects of altitude on humans, and work with the "Thousand Aviators Study."  He is affectionately referred to as the "Father of Naval Aerospace Medical Research."  This award is given annually to recognize outstanding contributions to the medical literature by members of the Society of U.S. Naval Flight Surgeons in support of some operational issue in Aerospace Medicine that has made a significant contribution with promise of long-term impact on the health and safety of aviation.  Eligible recipients of this award have conducted or have been involved in an original research project and their papers published within the past year.  By convention, only those papers published in Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine are considered, unless the awards committee is made award of papers published elsewhere.

2006 LCDR Merrill G. Rice, MC, USNR    
2005 LCDR David M. DeLonga, MC, USNR 1998 CDR Victoria M. Voge, MC, USN (Ret)
2004   1997 CDR Elwood W. Hopkins III, MC, USNR
2003 LCDR Merrill G. Rice, MC, USNR 1996 No nominations
2002 LCDR Eric Bower, MC, USN 1995 CAPT Nader K. Takla, MC, USN
2001 CDR David G. McGowan, MC, USN 1994 CDR Michael H. Mittleman, MSC, USNF
2000 CDR Jennifer Berg, MC, USN
CDR Jeffrey L. Moore, MC, USN
1993 No nominations
1999 MAJ Carl M. Walker, MC, CAF 1992  Jonathan Bailey Clark

Sonny Carter Memorial Award
The Sonny Carter Memorial Award was instituted in 1993 in memory of Captain Manley Lanier "Sonny" Carter, Jr., MC, USN.  The award recognizes the Medical Corps or Medical Service Corps Officer who has made the most significant contribution towards improving the health, safety, and welfare of operational forces by promoting communication and teamwork among the aeromedical communities.  Before his death in 1992, Sonny Carter was somewhat of a legend in Aerospace Medicine.  As a Naval Officer, Naval Aviator, Flight Surgeon, and member of the Astronaut Corps, he was respected for his technical abilities, energy, and dedication to his profession, and probably most of all, for his ability to inspire others.  The Sonny Carter Award recipient is judged not only on accomplishments in the last year but also on a career history of aeromedical community involvement.  Criteria for selection include:  resourcefulness and dedication in promoting and accomplishing operational medical support; demonstrated leadership in forming and promoting teamwork among the various aeromedical specialties; demonstrated professionalism, integrity, unselfishness and respect for all aeromedical communities; demonstrated communication skills, and embodiment of the spirit of cooperation.

2006 CDR William D. Agerton 2000 CDR Kris M. Belland, MC, USN
2005 LT Matthew Lawrence 1999 CDR P. Glenn Merchant, MC, USN
2004 LT Kenneth J. Moses, MC, USN 1998 CAPT Donald C. Arthur, MC, USN
2003 CDR Gale G. Goyins, MC, USNR 1997 LT Jeffrey M. Andrews, MSC, USNR
2002 CDR John J. Lee, MC, USNR 1996 No nominations
2001 LT Alexander S. Brough, MC, USN 1995 LT Marva L. Wheeler, MSC, USN

Robert E. Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award
The Robert E. Mitchell Award was initiated in 1996 in honor of Captain Robert E. Mitchell, MC, USN for his 43 years of exemplary naval service and numerous contributions to naval aerospace medicine.  Captain Mitchell is best known for his contributions to two long-term aeromedical research projects:  the "Thousand Aviators" study and the "Repatriated Prisoner of Wars" study.  This award is designated to recognize an emeritus Naval Flight Surgeon for their career contributions to promoting and advancing the knowledge and science of aerospace and operational medicine.

2006 CAPT E. J. Sacks, MC, USN (Ret.)    
2005 CDR Jay Phelan, MC, USN 2000 CAPT Charles H. Bercier, Jr., MC, USN (Ret)
2004 CAPT Terrence Riley, MC, USN (Ret.) 1999 RADM Daniel B. Lestage, MC, USN (Ret)
2003 CAPT E. J. Sacks, MC, USN (Ret.) 1998 CAPT Frank E. Dully, MC, USN (Ret)
2002 CAPT Conrad I. Dalton, MC, USN (Ret) 1997 CAPT Frank H. Austin, Jr., MC, USN (Ret)
2001 No nominations 1996 CAPT Robert E. Mitchell, MC, USN (Ret)

Bruce W. Jackson Memorial Award
The Bruce W. Jackson Award, begun in 1999, is given annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to the practice of aerospace medicine as a Reservist and service to those Sailors and Marines that depend on their Flight Surgeon for their health and safety in peacetime and in war.

2007 CAPT Joseph P. Dervay, USNR    
2006 CDR Mark G. Hoffman 2002 CDR Daniel H. Serrato, MC, USN
2005   2001 No nominations
2004   2000 CAPT Guillermo Salazar, MC, USNR
2003 CAPT John A. McGurty, MC, USNR 1999 RADM James R. Fowler, MC, USNR (Ret)

Aerospace Medicine Technician of the Year Award
The .

2005 Lawrence Comdeco, AVT 1987  
2004 HM1 Webster F. Nicholson, AVT 1986  
2003 HM1 Judy K. Tarpley 1985  
2002 HM3 Jason J. Legare 1984  
2001 HM1 Michael G. Stahl 1983  
2000   1982  
1999   1981  
1998   1980  
1997   1979  
1996   1978  
1995   1977  
1994   1976  
1993   1975  

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